Our Story

What We Do

The Montag Group leverages its unique position in the epicenter of sports, entertainment and lifestyle by offering premier talent representation, strategic consulting, media communications and content creation.

Who We Are

The Montag Group’s merger with IF Management and Vision Sports in 2017 was the culmination of a 25-year friendship between the principals, Sandy Montag, Steve Herz and Maury Gostfrand. While the three men were in direct competition, they all maintained a warm personal relationship based on their shared values and shared outlook on life. Bringing the three entities together was a seamless process from the outset.

What separated Montag, IF and Vision from their competitors is the premium on deep, long-term relationships – with their own clients and with the executives they deal with on the other side of the table, as well as their long-serving colleagues. Most of each company’s core clients go back several decades with the agency – and attrition is extremely low.

Steve Herz and Maury Gostfrand have had an interconnected career path replacing each other at different agencies earlier in their careers before striking out on their own. While these two were building small businesses, Montag established himself as the leading agent and top sports executive while running powerhouse IMG’s representation practice, handling the majority of the top talent in the industry, including the transcendent careers of giants John Madden, Dick Vitale, Mike Tirico, Jim Nantz and Bob Costas (all of whom remain clients) among many others.

After establishing himself and leading IMG Clients for nearly 20 years, upon the sale of IMG to WME, Montag started The Montag Group and found that the relationships he established were well founded. Nearly every one of his clients followed him to The Montag Group, where he quickly established himself once again as the industry leader. In addition to creating a powerful mid-sized agency with IF and Vision, Montag has expanded into a multitude of synergistic businesses. The combined entity is positioned for great success by offering the best of each companies focused approach with the breadth that comes from this unique merger.